Our VALUED Friends

Finding a good vendor is not an easy task and there are quite a few things to consider when making the decision. We are happy to work with forward-thinking companies and individuals that are hungry for sustainable growth. Operated as a division of PT. Indonesia Surya Sejahtera, METALEXTRA’s business is always been improvised solution where precision does matter. Indonesia is our home turf, and ASEAN is our green pastures. Our team of experts  has  accumulated experience in various industrial segments from; Dies & mould, PCBA, Oleochemicals, Semiconductor, Renewable energy, Fast Craft Shipyard, Marine engineering, Defense contractor and Industrial automation application companies.

Having the right supplier network is almost as important as having a wide customer network. At METALEXTRA, we consider three important characteristics that a vendor should have;

1. Mutual interest in mind. Too many times suppliers put profit over what their customer really needs. A good vendor should know that satisfying the customer’s needs is the basis for a healthy, profitable relationship that can benefit both sides.

2. After sales service. Finding a supplier that is responsive and can help you out when in need, whether you need to quote a job quickly, have a new project or certain problem with your machine, a dependable service is key to keep your business productive and efficient.

3. Consistency at reasonable price. We understand that finding a vendor that can supply quality material at a decent price is a unique key in any business. Your supplier network determines how quickly you can turn around a job at competitive pricing, a decisive factor that can make or break your business!

Our Prominent Friends

As a relentless industrial think tank company, we have been serving various scale of industries in the field of: Electronics, Precision mechanics, Cannery and Bottling, Heavy Industries, Pharmaceuticals and Laboratories. METALEXTRA.com is a platform to promote precision and efficiency to engineers, technician and industrialist in Indonesia. If you are confident that you have the quality assurance and keen to expand your horizon, contact us at: [email protected]